Our crazy snowy wedding day


Like other brides and grooms, a lot of time and emotion was put into planning our big day. It's no secret that I'm a bit perfectionist/control freak/stubborn ass (just a few words thrown my way), so things not going to plan was just not an option.

However, when the beast from the east reared it's head at our high up, snow-worthy venue on the day of our wedding I realised I'd better let all that go. Whilst (oh only slightly...) stressful, the day started to come together - bridesmaids/ushers/parents fought their way through the blizzard followed closely by guests clutching their heels and wedding gear. Realising the day was actually going ahead, I tottered down the aisle feeling in awe of the Dunkirk-spirit of our guests.

Wedding folk like the photographer/florist/band/venue/cake-maker (to name a few) went the extra mile to make sure we had a good day. Choosing who you want to work on your wedding day is a funny thing, and designing wedding stationery means I've experienced the other side of it. Most of it is down to choosing a style that you love and fits into your day, whether it's dreamy natural photography or crazy OTT cakes covered in chocolate and gold (!). 

Natasha from Honeydew moments captured some amazing stuff - click here to see the full shebang or scroll down to see a snippet from our crazy day where I got to marry my amazing fella, all coming together with the help of our bridal party/guests and these guys...

Venue: The Old Lodge, Minchinhampton

Photographer: Honeydew Moments

Florist: Flower Style Co

Dress: Grand Jour

Bridesmaids Dresses: H&M

Shoes: Benjamin Adams

Table plan: Dinky Ink Calligraphy

Suits: Slaters

Rings: Stow Jewellers

Wedding Stationery: The Ink Closet (Me!)

Cake: Ahh Toots

Music: John Adams

Chocolate box Rye & apocolyptic Dungeness


Thanks to Instagram (and the people behind the pictures) we discovered the chocolate box town of Rye and the weird derelict beach land of Dungeness - we ate 'the best meal of our lives' (Landsgate Bistro) and were inspired to take pictures of doors and random shopfronts (those last two were mostly me).

Our weekend away started with finding our Rye-based Airbnb, a cosy one-up one-down with copper decor and a funky bedspread. We dumped our stuff and made the most of the late afternoon by stopping at the White House for a quick sausage roll & vino (the perfect combo). Feeling the effects, we walked around the streets admiring the tiny houses and 'Tiny Bookshop'.

Dinner that night was spent at The Landsgate Bistro, a few doors down from our airbnb and they squeezed us in last minute. We were glad they did, what-a-feast. I had scallop in ravioli starter (not the prettiest but DELICIOUS) whilst the man had pigeon breast lightly dusted in bread crumbs. For main I had venison on lentils and CHEESE gnocchi, very yum whilst Wes had pork belly with a side of potato cake (just the right amount of carbs).

Sunday was spent visiting what was originally 'the main attraction' of the weekend - the derelict but charming Dungeness. Next to an old power station, this stretch of shipwrecked covered beach is also filled with chalets that look like they belong in Scotland or parts of America. I think this is prime location for artists to end their days, you'd walk along to find mini galleries in sheds and sculptures in gardens. 

All in all, a very instagram-worthy location.

Retro-inspired decor updates ready for winter

Working my way into winter means finding more home updates (as I shall rarely be leaving the house now), and being a renter means I like to invest in home decor items that I can take with me.

One of my new obsessions is the retro-inspired Orla Kiely, so I went for a discounted 70's pattern bedspread. It actually goes pretty well with our graphic diamond-dot cushions from H&M, and our bedside table penguin book (!).

After a recent stay at a lovely Airbnb in Brighton I felt inspired by the decor and bought another retro item - a 'menu' peg board for the kitchen, found cheaply on very.co.uk. More wall hanging pieces include some Instagram prints from lalalab - framed and hung up along the stair case.

A visual forecast of what's real in 2014

Yes, I am writing a blog about another blog. But after finding this forecast on the blog over at iStock.com I can't stop thinking about it. Keeping a grasp on what's 'on trend' as everything flashes by at super speed can be tricky, so what better time to get to grips than the beginning of the new year - get it in your head now whilst it's relevant. 

With that in mind, I found this nice infographic style piece that predicts the top visual trends for 2014 - and it covers a nice spectrum of things. 

What stands out to me from this infographic, is something I've been thinking for a while - that the realistic imagery is the way forward. I am a big fan of Instagram and it's clear that this is having an effect on what people are used to seeing and therefore WANT to see. Clients are also increasingly fed up of 'stocky' images and have been for some time now - why can't designers (some, not all) catch up with this? Yes we want to get emotion and personality across but does it always have to be done with a large helping of cheese? One major problem is that stock libraries make it very difficult to find these lovely realistic/Instagram inspired images without charging you the earth. And you usually have to sift through a large collection of blonde models in 90's clothes with big smiles, to find what you're looking for in the first place.

So why is this 'Instagram-inspired' imagery so popular? Because it feels real. Because you see it and feel like whatever it's advertising is there warts and all, that you can trust the picture - and the product behind it. No it's not right for every project. But one thing I promise to steer clear of without fail are blondes in 90's clothes with big smiles...

An inspirational wedding shoot in the Cotswolds


I recently got asked to take part in a vintage-inspired wedding shoot. A collection of people based in the Cotswolds and working in the wedding industry, came together with their different skill sets to work on the photoshoot at Old Down Manor. The photographer Stefanie Trower and the florist Stephanie Saunders to name a few. My contribution was, of course to bring along some of my vintage-inspired wedding stationery. It was great to get to know some fellow wedding suppliers, and I love the results! Hopefully you will too, see below some of my favourite shots...

The best kind of photo shoot is the one that involves cupcakes...

A treat of an opportunity recently fell onto our plates with Cupcakes & Bakes. After creating the logo, stationery and packaging - the next step was to design a website (which is currently in the works!) - and for that we needed some photography to show off the cupcake creations.

So last weekend we baked, iced, prepped the studio and clicked away to get as many shots as was acceptable before eating the 'stars of the show'. Below are some of the results for you to enjoy, keep tuned to see them showcased on their very own website...!

My favourite Instagramers to follow (by an Instagram addict)


Anyone will tell you (usually from first hand experience), I am an instagram addict. Be it embarassing my friend for trying to get that perfect shot of the light fitting in a bar or holding up a walk in the countryside with some landscape shots - I have embraced photography more than I ever expected.

It's not just the 'taking' of the photographs I have become obsessed with though. It's the 'following' of people all round the world. Beautiful photographs get me more than a random tweet ever could. So I thought I would share with you my top three Instagram people. In no particular order...


She's a fashion/interior/food blogger based in L.A. and introduced to me by my cousin (@jessiebale). She's one of those bloggers you read about in magazines that have it all. Fashionable, successful and beautiful. She travels around and takes some lovely shots that not only make me want to live in L.A. but live the Songofstyle lifestyle.


I've only started following her recently. She is based in Seattle, and takes the most beautiful photographs - thought going into the placement of everything. I like consistency and they are usually in the same style, a lot from a birds-eye-view of her desk so you can see 'what she sees'. Or of the flowers she fills her home with. A girl after my own heart...


I've probably followed this girl the longest. I discovered her when I was in the Blue Lagoon at the same time as her (hashtags do have a purpose!). She gives quite a personal insight to her decorative home. She's based in Canada and again her photographs use consistent filters. Her pet pugs are also very cute and usually photographed in a crochet throw or chilling out in the garden.

I hope you enjoy following these people as much as I do. What better way to get a real experience of someone's life across the globe but through Instagram? A few others worth mentioning are,
@sincerelyjules @woodwardpaperco @goldcoastgraphicdesign @ellebradford 

Washing line framing for my Instagram polaroids

Ok, so I confess, my printed Instagram prints have been sitting in their pretty silver packaging for a few weeks now. I state my reason for this is that I have been doing 'research' as to the best way to present them. In all honesty I don't really like lots of 'people pictures' around the house (you may be able to tell this from my instagram feed).

But I have found a compromise - and I'd seen a few similar examples of this on pinterest. All I needed was a ball of string and some wooden pegs! I also only needed one nail in the wall...this vertical hanging was definetly to my liking - and didn't need much space.