A starry affair, midnight blue wedding inspo


One of my favourite invitation sets for this year is the ‘Starry Night Sky’ Invite, fully inspired by the Matara Centre venue’s ‘starry dome’ and the couple’s love of the music video for ‘Tonight Tonight’ by the smashing pumpkins. I love a theme (and especially an unusual one).

The couple wanted something with an edge of vintage, incorporating stars but not too dark and wintery. We created a crisp white invitation with vintage graphics of stars, ‘gold’ edging and dark blue backs. Day stationery followed the style of these, with ‘Reserved’ table tickets, name tags for dresses/suits, menus and a welcome sign/itinerary.

Once all the items are sent to print, my input in the day is done really - so I love seeing the final photographs, and seeing how their vision all came together. Here’s a little collection from their beautiful day by the talented photographer, Howell Jones.

Old fashioned wedding inspo and the results


Inbetween my own wedding/mini-moon/honeymoon I've had the opportunity to work on some blooming LOVELY bespoke wedding stationery. I've just been too 'snowed under' to share them with you (read second to previous blog about wedding to get joke) - here are a few snapshots before they are ready to order.

The best part about bespoke invites - is learning about the bride and groom's 'theme for the day'. From starry skies (inspiration taken from their venue, The Matara, and it's star covered ceilings) to white roses against pink (bridesmaid dresses...), to a travel theme that tells the couple's story (a groom from Wales and a bride from Ploiesti). The next step is creating an invitation that fits in with everything on the big day - and can be followed on with welcome boards, menus, table names and so on. 

I need my own creative inspiration too, and apart from trusty ol' Pinterest there are random places I get this from. To get the creative motivation going I've taken a lunchtime trip to Brewery Arts in Cirencester to see their exhibition of vintage Lucienne Day prints. When a floral wedding style comes my way, a beaut bunch of reduced flowers bought from the fruit & veg shop or a browse through my vintage garden rose book will suffice. The (now sadly shut down) shop of InPrint in Stroud, was filled with large typographic prints, floral sketches and books, which gave me some old-fashioned inspo. In general, trying to resist relying on the internet is good for the soul....

Our crazy snowy wedding day


Like other brides and grooms, a lot of time and emotion was put into planning our big day. It's no secret that I'm a bit perfectionist/control freak/stubborn ass (just a few words thrown my way), so things not going to plan was just not an option.

However, when the beast from the east reared it's head at our high up, snow-worthy venue on the day of our wedding I realised I'd better let all that go. Whilst (oh only slightly...) stressful, the day started to come together - bridesmaids/ushers/parents fought their way through the blizzard followed closely by guests clutching their heels and wedding gear. Realising the day was actually going ahead, I tottered down the aisle feeling in awe of the Dunkirk-spirit of our guests.

Wedding folk like the photographer/florist/band/venue/cake-maker (to name a few) went the extra mile to make sure we had a good day. Choosing who you want to work on your wedding day is a funny thing, and designing wedding stationery means I've experienced the other side of it. Most of it is down to choosing a style that you love and fits into your day, whether it's dreamy natural photography or crazy OTT cakes covered in chocolate and gold (!). 

Natasha from Honeydew moments captured some amazing stuff - click here to see the full shebang or scroll down to see a snippet from our crazy day where I got to marry my amazing fella, all coming together with the help of our bridal party/guests and these guys...

Venue: The Old Lodge, Minchinhampton

Photographer: Honeydew Moments

Florist: Flower Style Co

Dress: Grand Jour

Bridesmaids Dresses: H&M

Shoes: Benjamin Adams

Table plan: Dinky Ink Calligraphy

Suits: Slaters

Rings: Stow Jewellers

Wedding Stationery: The Ink Closet (Me!)

Cake: Ahh Toots

Music: John Adams

Vintage Christmas cards & home decor twinkle

This year's Christmas card design was a thinker, I needed to create something that worked alongside our designbytic branding but also, The Ink Closet. A touch of vintage never hurts at Christmas - and so, I found a cute Dachshund/lady picture and a Santa. I illustrated a Cheltenham-inspired stamp which put my 'stamp' on it, and worked in a designbytic pattern on the inside. Gift tags were also made to tie this in with the pressies.

My Christmas groove on, I went a bit crazy with home decor. Being our first Christmas in this home it felt like the perfect opportunity to find some new bits, Homesense was the perfect spot for this. The tree was covered in mostly 'white paper' decorations with a hint of red (no tinsel allowed). I also found a cute paper sign from Homesense, which I think is a Meri Meri goodie. When it's not falling down, it looks great. 

Merry Christmas

A 2016 trend inspired retro blue wedding invitation

You may have noticed a new addition to our wedding invitations - The Retro Blue Rose Invite. Taking inspiration from next year's retro blue trend, this invite is brought together with vintage roses, diamond shapes and hints of spring yellow. 

With the main invitation, information cards and mini RSVPs - this invite sits together with the help of a belly band. The black rose aligns with the rose on the main invitation and is printed on vintage kraft card.

We recommend using a similar kraft texture for your envelopes. The RSVPs would also benefit from their own mini envelope which you could include in the set. We chose black to 'tie in' with the black tie on the back of the main envelope. 

All these little touches were inspired by one picture of a retro blue suit. If you also feel inspired, take a look at the invite and place your order...


My Top Winter Pinterest pins (from fashion to decor to cake)

I love sticking a pin on my imaginary pin board. Whilst occasionally detrimental to my wallet (I need a jumper that shows off my new gingham shirt collar), Pinterest knows no bounds in inspiring creativity, hunger and imagination. As a new season approaches it also means I can learn what fashion, decor and wedding trends are big and what comfort foods should be added to my imaginary cook book (I never get round to actually cooking them - I just dream about eating them). And so, I thought I would share some of my top winter pins to show what's inspiring me and...making me hungry. Follow me on Pinterest to see my other boards and these image credentials...

Fashion (see all)
I need a trench coat (again).

Food (see all)
Winter salad bowls followed by sweet smore brownies.

Decor (see all)
My geometric print obsession continues.

Wedding & Design (see all wedding / see all design)
Autumn flora inspired.

The striped inspired Very Black Invitation

My nearest and dearest know about my recent obsession with chevrons, stripes and abstract prints due to my recent cushion overhaul at home. And my obsession with fish pictures, but that's another blog.

Using this as a source of inspiration, I recently designed a new wedding invitation. With elegant white text against solid black for the information, with a strong calligraphic typeface to create a bit of 'drama'. 

Striped and dot patterns are used on the backs of the information cards, and the collection is photographed as being sent out in an envelope with a gold glitter lining. Though you could use envelopes with a lining that suits your theme. Be it colbalt blue or hot pink. Make it your own.

These photos are shot with striped storage boxes and gold candles from around my house. Take a peek and make your order here. Candles and storage box not included.

Putting a spring in our step with the Pretty Pastel Floral Invite

Spring feels like it's only just round the corner. Ok maybe another corner, around the block and back again... but it's on it's way. To bring us even more into this brightly floral frame of mind, I'd like to share with you a new addition to the website. This invite was designed for a couple whose style was 'countryside tea party' and this is emphasised with vintage illustrations, lace, pastel colours and strong script typogaphy. To view the invite in full and put in your order click here.

We had our own mini-tea party for Nicola's birthday, well, a spread was created and with that - CAKE. See below the Chocolate Bombe Cake from Just Cook on the Bath Road. Yum.

The big Greeklish wedding

This year we had the pleasure of working on the wedding invitations for the lovely bride Thea and her greek husband-to-be, Timos. It was set to be a beautiful greek wedding in a church only accessible by boat, not far from the village that Timos's family lived.

The wedding invitations had english and greek influences, with vintage being the theme of choice. A vintage telegram idea was settled on, starting with an email save the date that they sent to all their family and friends. A printed version was then designed for the main invite, with a translated/tweaked version for the (big!) greek family and guests. For a truely authentic look I used a typewriter font that was slightly distressed, personalised red stamps and crown and royal-esque icons printed on beautiful brown Kraft card. This was sent out in an equally retro designed envelope, with stripes and personalised stamps - being the first time I'd designed an envelope to accompany the invite it was quite exciting to think of this little pack being sent across the ocean. 

The wedding itself took place this month, and looked as beautiful as you can imagine. I know all brides look happy, but this greek bride was beaming from ear to ear! Here are a collection of some of their photos and insight into the invitation, which is now available to order yourself, click here to do so...

A Cheltenham wedding fair with style

Whilst this Sunday has been made up of daffodils and mother's day dinners - last Sunday saw me taking part in my first wedding fair with Cupcakes & Bakes

It was lovely to share a stand during what turned out to be quite a daunting task, for moral support and company throughout the day. Saying that - we both made an effort to get around and meet other suppliers. Everyone was lovely, in particular Laura Power and Penelope Gibson who were on the stands either side of us, and Glow Love Lights who I met on my walk around. I also saw a friendly face in Stefanie Trower who I had worked with on a photo shoot before.

The Cotswold Style wedding fair took place at the town hall in Cheltenham, which in itself is a stunning venue. This meant plenty of room for a stage to showcase the wedding dresses in regular catwalk shows, and a huge variety of suppliers. It was therefore important to stand out, and we were quite pleased with the results of our white crafty chic wedding fair stand. Paper pom poms, white crates and flowers decorated our display of wedding stationery examples, cupcake displays and websites showcased on our laptop/Ipad. 

In particular, and whilst I don't wish to blow my own trumpet (too much), our mini-leaflets went down a treat. The gesso paper stock made it look like quality pieces that people wanted to touch, unfold and (hopefully) keep. It was also a great ice-breaker and bridged the gap between a business card and our websites. I think a few first-timer tips may be in order...

1. Think about the overall look of your stand - choose a theme and stick to it. Remember you'll need something that ties in with your offering but makes you stand out in a competitive space.

2. Create different 'levels'. Paper pom poms that hung at the bottom of the table, and boxes/crates on the top created different levels to catch the eye. 

3. Be brave, get up and around and introduce yourself to other suppliers. Who knows who you'll work with in the future...

4. Ipads/small laptops are perfect to showcase your digital offering. 

5. Bring pick up pieces, be it business cards or mini-leaflets. It was a useful way to introduce yourself without seeming too forward.

Now I don't pretend to be a pro but hopefully these thoughts help some other first-timers, and here are some pictures from the event itself...

How to make Paper Pom Poms in 10 easy steps!

As promised, here are the 10 easy steps to making your own paper pom poms! To those who think 10 sounds a lot, I've just gone into as much depth as possible for what is (I promise) a really easy task.

I would love to see the results so instagram #mypaperpompoms to share your pictures, tweet it to @theinkcloset or share it with me on Facebook and I'll share it with my followers.

Tissue paper and scissors at the ready....

Step 1. You need scissors, a stapler and a few large pieces of tissue paper. Your choice of colour...!

Step 2. Fold over a large piece of tissue paper, about A1 size is ideal.

Step 3. Fold over again, so two folds in total (if you want your pom pom to be thicker and smaller fold over one more time)

Step 4. Cut each fold.

Step 5. You should now have at least four separate pieces of paper...

Step 6. Put all these pieces of paper together and start doing an accordion fold all the way till the end.

Step 7. When you have done your accordion fold to the end, fold over the final piece and staple it down.

Step 8. Round the two corners off using the scissors.

Step 9. Your paper pom pom should now look like this when you fan out each end...


Step 10. Pull out each bit of paper (gently or it will tear) and puff it out. Do both ends making sure to puff out the pieces towards the middle.

The final result, should look something like this...! Remember to upload any instagram pics with #mypaperpompoms

A white and gold Baby Shower

For the past few weeks I have been been (somewhat indulgently), designing stationery and putting together decorations for my cousin's baby shower. This Sunday came the day itself, with afternoon tea at the Hampton Manor in Solihull, Birmingham. And as it is unknown whether it is a boy or girl, a white and gold theme was decided on (with hints of pink and mint blue).

I wanted the guests to have something to keep and the mum to have something special. So I designed some postcard sets - with a keepsake 'Thank you for coming' card and a postcard 'From me to you', with room for advice and well wishes from the guests on the back. These were tied together with a wrap that also doubled up as a table name. For an added touch I also created a 'Baby Bump' mini logo which sat on a gold circle tied around the postcards. 

I also needed a matching gift, and so I enlisted the help of Cupcakes & Bakes, to make me some cupcakes that matched the theme. They looked (and I'm sure tasted...ok so I may have tried the icing), perfect. With pink and mint blue cases and gold sequin decorations.

Taking on this look, posters were designed to decorate the table. But, seating 14 people, I gathered the table may need something else. Since visiting a wedding last year that had paper pom poms decorating the marquee - I desired to make some myself. With the help of pinterest I got set making gold and white pom poms that were amazingly easy and filled the table perfectly. A labour of love, yes, but also surprisingly therapeutic. Start choosing your colours and stocking up on tissue paper as my step-by-step guide will be coming within a blog later this week..

An inspirational wedding shoot in the Cotswolds


I recently got asked to take part in a vintage-inspired wedding shoot. A collection of people based in the Cotswolds and working in the wedding industry, came together with their different skill sets to work on the photoshoot at Old Down Manor. The photographer Stefanie Trower and the florist Stephanie Saunders to name a few. My contribution was, of course to bring along some of my vintage-inspired wedding stationery. It was great to get to know some fellow wedding suppliers, and I love the results! Hopefully you will too, see below some of my favourite shots...

A poster sized floral love story invitation

There has been an exciting addition to the Wedding Invitations section of our website this week, in the form of an A4 fold out poster. Inspired by my favourite flowers, Peonies, I designed this invitation to suit a country-esqe, bunting filled wedding.

Peonies and roses were brought in to add feminine colour and vibrancy - but there is also the option to have a change of flower to suit the theme of the wedding.

The format of this invitation folds out gradually to reveal that old fashioned rhyme 'First comes love...then comes marriage...'  to the final reveal of all the wedding details that should take pride of place stuck up in a guest-to-be's home (they won't be able to forget the date!). 

The RSVP itself is a cut off flag that can be re-used as table places or kept as a memento by the bride and groom. All of the other details can be housed on the back neatly. To order your wedding poster invitation click here. Peonies not included...

The arrival of our Greeting Card package

It has been a busy few weeks for The Ink Closet, but that is no excuse for not keeping the blog up to date. Especially when we've had the arrival of some pretty things! Amongst working full time I have also been working in the background on requests from friends/clients etc.

One exciting project has been a package of Greeting Cards. I can not credit myself completely with the idea though - one of my lovely friends said she had trouble finding cards that she loved to give to friends and family and wanted a set that she could use for any occasion. She asked if I did cards and if I could use my prints on the front (see, pretty much all her idea!). After smacking myself for not thinking of it first I happilly agreed and got to work on them. As well as doing some extra designs and tweaking them to make them more 'give-able', I designed some patterns to go on the left inside page - as this bit is often forgotten about and a good space for some extra beauty... A subtle message is also included in each to tie in with the front ('For you my deer...' - Floral Stag on the front).

I added a few extra to the order for myself and recieved them just in time for the weekend. To tie them together I added a branded wrap and a string bow.