Wrapping up Christmas with mini-bunting

As you can probably tell from my christmas prints in the shop, I love designing bits and pieces for Christmas. From Christmas cards to prints, it should all follow the same look. I've also been thinking about my wrapping so I took a visit to The Range this weekend and ended up buying some retro patterned paper, mint green ribbon, red ribbon, stripy sticky tape and a huge amount of other neccessities (or maybe not so neccessary...). I also have a huge roll of brown parcel wrap which is cheap but looks quite old-fashioned. 

Ribbon, however, is quite expensive, so something else was needed to give the presents a quirkier handmade touch. I thought of using the patterned paper to make mini-bunting - and using some brown string (also cheap). It was much easier and quicker than I thought! See below a step-by-step view of how I made the bunting easily and effectively - so you can make your own. Pick some brightly coloured paper of your own or multi-coloured string to tie it in with your christmas. 

Pick some patterned/coloured paper that fits your theme. Preferably square shaped. You will also need some scissors, Pritt Stick and string of your choice.

Fold over your paper down the centre.

Fold the sides in so you have about three evenly spaced folds.

When folded, cut triangles on the fold. Do this on each of your folds to make the most of the paper. Don't worry too much about making them exactly the same size, when finished it's hard to tell!

Do this on a range of different patterned/coloured papers for variety. Then stick the folded triangles over the string using pritt stick and space out evenly.

Tie the ends of the string to the back of the string/ribbon wrapped around your present, or tape down. Preferably on a corner.

Wallah! The finished result. Very World War 2 in my case, but using the colour scheme of your choice this mini-bunting could suit any style.