Escaping the Christmas crazy in Bath book shops


We made a crazy call this Christmas, let's go to Bath during A. The Xmas market, B. Black Friday weekend and C. Bath rugby. What were we thinking? Thankfully we didn't make the error we did last year with the ol' park & ride, and got a lift in instead - being dropped off right outside Topping & Company Booksellers (one on my Christmas hit list).

This bookshop has hidden seats, a huge poetry room and cake on request. They also realise the importance of having crisp clean books - and put plastic around the top one so people with grubby fingers (moi) don't soil them.

After a brave venture towards the Xmas market (less said about this the better) we went to Mr B's Emporium for another break away from the crowds. After walking past books in a bath (?) we ventured upstairs past a wall of Tin-Tin to a quiet 'reading' room and some beautiful designer books. They also had a collection of board games to buy, perfect for keeping the fam happy this Christmas.

After an obligatory Ben's cookie (forced into my hand...) we went for food at Same Same but different for tapas. I'm not usually a fan of tapas (it takes a lot of food to fill this void) - but it was all sooo good and the atmosphere was chilled but busy.

From this weekend I took away a copy of 'Commonwealth' by Ann Patchett - if you fancy joining the 'book club' buy yourself a copy and let me know how you're getting on via comments here...