Dog-friendly pubs, service stations (yes really) and local festival finds.

On my occasional commute from Cirencester I had noticed this place bathed in sunshine, painted a beautiful shade of baby pink with a large ink-like logo painted on the building. So on our way back from a weekend jolly, we stopped at The Bathurst Arms for a spot of Sunday lunch. I had pre-emptively taken a look at their website before too, and it is truly a thing of beauty. Not always the case for an independant pub. With animated deers, wax stamps (on a website yes...) and strong graphics - this website makes you want to eat here and take part in their 'photograph your dog' competition. Did the experience live up to the brand? Sort of. The only food on was their BBQ, though lovely - it would have been nice to have a choice. Was our photo of Lola the clear winner of the doggy competition? Absolutely. 

Another foodie stop was to the new Gloucester Services on a rainy Sunday. Yes, we went to a service station on a rainy day. There really was little else to do has a farmshop. The services are stocked by their local farm so everything is fresh and substantial. What really stood out to me though, were the beautiful illustrations everywhere. Designed by Stephanie Cole they fitted in perfectly with the family/local/real environment. 

We also managed to squeeze in a day trip to the Livestock Festival near Tewkesbury, with headliners like Toploader and Scouting for Girls, this small festival had hit up some pretty big acts. The best bits though, were the smaller acts on the 'coffee session stage', the comedy bus and the copious amounts of hay bales that you could laze against. A potential visit could be on the cards next year but this festival could do with growing in size and food choice. 

It's been a good summer-filled two weeks, follow my instagram to see more.