Honeymoonin' in Paros (a mini Mykonos)


From one blog to another, pretty Paros is easy to write about and very instagrammable (if that's not a word it should be). We discovered Paros via a brilliant travel blog The Sunday Chapter - where Paros was sold to us pretty instantly as 'Greece's best kept secret'. I'm not sure how much longer that will last - holidays to Mykonos and Santorini seem to be all over instagram at the moment, it's probably only a matter of time before the masses look for a (slightly) cheaper/quieter alternative.

We stayed at Minois Village  which felt authentic but special enough for a honeymoon. We treated ourselves to a 'poolside room' which was one of our smarter ideas because we got the most out of the room all day and they were beautifully done up. The nearest town was Pariokia which actually beat the favourite 'Naoussa' in my affections. There were lots of hidden streets and beautiful places to eat and drink (but avoid the restaurants on the seafront, one of our less smart ideas...).

There are lots of nooks and crannies to Paros - probably far too many to go into. Things I would have liked to do but ran out of time/money include hiring a car for longer and getting the little ferry to Anti Paros to explore and see the caves. If you wanted to venture even further then Santorini and Mykonos could be on your all-in-one hit list. Either way, Greece has always had a special place in my heart (mostly down to moussaka) so I can't wait to explore the other islands in the future.

Places that stole my heart in Paros,

1. Kolymbithres - 'Sci-fi' beach
The calmest, most interesting of the bunch (rocks that make it look like the set of a Sci-Fi film). I only wish we'd stayed here longer. If I was to stay in Paros again I'd try and find a location walkable to this as it's near the lovely Naoussa but quiet and beautiful. 



2. Lefkes town
Dragged here during the oh-so-hot siesta I moaned a bit, but this turned out to be the perfect place to be. The church was stunning and was outside a little cafe with homemade lemonade. Quirky little shops are scattered throughout and worth braving the inclines for.



3. Pretty Parokia town
Our nearest night and food life from Minois Village was Parokia. I loved finding little bars like the jazzy 'Pirate Bar', eyeing up the ships on the seafront and having moussaka in the cosy little outside/inside restaurant, Daphne.

paros-pariokia-town-travel-blog-blogger copy.jpg
paros-greece-holida-travel-blog-parokia copy.jpg
paros-parokia-greece-holiday-travel-blog-daphne-restaurant-review copy.jpg


3. Our hotel, Minois Village
Stunning rooms and lovely enough food that makes it hard to venture elsewhere. We loved the sunbeds (of which there were a-plenty) but would have been nice to see what it was like in a full summer as the seaview seating and the other restaurant wasn't open in May/early June. The lovely quiet-ish Parasporos beach was within walking distance, which is always a bonus

minois-village-beach-paros-greece-holiday-travel-blog-pool-view copy.jpg


4. Naoussa
One of the go-to instagram-famous tourist spots in Paros, and so - worth a visit. Things I remember about this place - we had the best fish dinner, and there were some very photogenic pink spots (the first photo in this blog is from Naoussa). Oh and the ice-cream...GELATO dreams.