An Island away from it all & a book review


Things have been a little quiet on the blog front because I have been enjoying a little time in the sun. No, not in Britain (yes I know it's amazing and I went abroad to find the same weather), but in the little island of Crete. We are regulars of this beautiful greek island (we know what we like) and this time we stayed at a beautiful hotel called The Island Hotel in Gouves. 

It was the usual sun, sand and...salad (their tomatoes are amazing)? We split our time between acting like children in the pool and lazing in hammocks.

I also managed to get through 3 books in a week, which I see as a pretty major achievement. I am a book addict, once I get into a book please don't try to have a conversation with me as you will get nothing in return. Two to recommend,

'Tigers in Red Weather' - based in the 50's-70's about two cousins and their lives at their beautiful summer house. It sounds uplifting but in actual fact it is quite dark, and talks from each characters point of view until you get to the end, a thrilling conclusion. A great read that made me want to power through...

'The Knot' - based in the 70's-90's this book didn't give too much away on the back cover. And again, it was another dark read about a very taboo subject (I won't give much away). Written by the comedian, Mark Watson, it had it's funny moments but far and few between. It was beautifully written though, in the eyes of a quiet wedding photographer and the loves of his life.

Anyway, back to sunny England now - and I really can't complain. It's going to be a good summer (fingers crossed)...