Honeymoonin' : 3 days in NYC


Being indecisive and somewhat unlucky when it comes to the weather - we decided to split our honeymoon into three. The final ‘honeymoon-hurrah’ was to New York for a crazy three days.

Initially we had planned to do a ‘chilled one’ in the stye of a true New Yorker, but we couldn’t resist trying to see everything. No matter how many blogs you read telling you not to, you WILL walk too much in the first day.

We stayed East Manhattan, in the Bowery area - at The Public Hotel. Unquestionably cooler than us, but surprisingly not style over substance. The beds were stylish and oh-so-comfy, the staff were helpful and friendly and (my favourite bit) they gave you a free cookie and milk before bedtime (OMFG).

Drinks at the Public Rooftop bar and The Smile bar before crashing ready for the next day.

A walk down south to see the World Trade Centre / Financial District / to view the Statue of Liberty from afar. On our walk back up we stumbled across a vintage poster shop which was a cave of beaut typography and print. Then The High Line / Chelsea Flea Market which were two of my favourite things, the high line had art and quirky sculptures along the restored railway before the perfect food pit stop at the flea market. It had a whole seafood section. Enough said…

We then headed over to Brooklyn for a cosy few drinks before watching the basketball at the Brooklyn stadium and treating ourselves to two very pricey steak sandwiches (ordered them before I really looked at the price). We walked back over the Brooklyn Bridge for a stunning nighttime view of Manhattan…

A slight disagreement about where to eat breakfast (Clinton Bakery Co had queues out the door) but Remedy (Wes’ choice) was actually pretty low fuss and had the classic American Breakfast vibe going on. After all the walking we subway-ed it to Greenwich Village and ‘the mecca’ that is Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment. This area felt like stepping onto the set of an American TV show, especially with the FRIENDS apartment round the corner. We carried on walking up to peer inside the beaut architecture of The New York Public Library and Grand Central Station, briefly stopping for a cheap slice of NYC pizza. En-route home as it was getting dark we stopped by Times Square. Everyone says not to bother but it does make you feel as small as an ant and is worth seeing for that reason alone.

Biggest hit of the day - Central Park. I wish we’d got bikes, one thing I was glad about though, was that we’d saved this till last. A bit of calm was needed after 2 intense days. Central Park in Autumn is pretty beautiful too… after this it was a toss up between Top of the Rock and dinner. Due to fogginess we opted for an American Burger and Thanksgiving sandwich in the Meatpacking district at Bubbys High Line - this place is right to be popular, great service and the food was easy & delicious (my fave combo). A sum up of the meatpacking district during it’s transition which I quite liked… ‘You’d see a nicely dressed woman sliding around meat juice in her Jimmy Choos’.

We headed back to the hotel for a quick breather before catching a taxi back to the airport…phew! You can do a hella lot in 3 days, as long as you get the subway :-)