A South Devon mini break - complete with quaint cottage

This bank holiday was the perfect opportunity for us to get away after a busy few weeks at work. I had booked a cottage in Aveton Gifford that looked particularly quaint with it's thatched roof and old-fashioned decor - and we were going with our usual holiday acquaintances, Becky and Marc.

On arrival we were pleasantly surprised, the house was actually nicer than the pictures on the website (take a peek here). After running around the garden excitedly with Lola and a few rounds on the swing (I love a good swing), we explored the house to find some local produce thoughtfully left to us by the owners and a list of places to visit (including the best beaches and pubs in south devon).

After making the most of the cottage with a lovely home cooked dinner courtesy of my man, we drunk a few too many rounds of gin (in my new retro cups which are perfect for such a concoction) and played a few too many rounds of cards.

The next few days saw us taking adventures around Banthum Beach (my new favourite beach due to the estuary, clear waters and rock pools perfect in depth for a sausage dog), Burgh Island and Salcombe.

Burgh Island was particularly exciting at least for the journey to get to it. When the water was at high tide it was only accessible by Sea Tractor. Yes, such things exist. Once there we sat outside of a particularly traditional pub, The Pilchard Inn, and tucked into wine and cheese and pickle sandwiches (a great combination). After a walk to the top, we made the decision to stay a big longer and wait for the tide to go out so we could walk back across the beach, thus saving our fare and spending it on wine instead...

Salcombe was a must-see spot, and another fun journey was made to the beaches on the other side via ferry. It was also the perfect place for dinner in the evening, with us settling on the restaurant, No.55. I had an amazing bowl of mussells, with a side of frites and chocolate fondant dessert. 

I apologise for the long-winded post but in four days I feel like we saw a lot. There were a few anti-climaxes in the form of Noss Mayo and Hope Cove (though pretty there wasn't a lot to do), so hope my review of South Devon helps any future visitors. Enjoy...