Christmas Cards and wrapping in a festive black and blue theme

The thing I love most about Christmas (and no it isn't because of the presents, or big bearded man coming down my chimney) is that I have the chance to be as creative as I like - taking inspiration from sources like Pinterest and Instagram. Effectively 'branding Christmas'. 

This years theme was none other than black and blue, with chevrons, black bows and hints of blue. All to tie in with the branding of our sister company, designbytic. Christmas cards were designed using my own Instagram photographs, taking at festive times of the year. Using a gold calligraphy style font over the top and a chevron print inside. These were posted out in a black envelope (again very designbytic) and sealed with a matching blue sticker.

My wrapping also had to tie in with this theme - but this time with the introduction of crepe bows, black and blue ribbons and illustrated gift tags (using the new fiftythree app on my Ipad) - against brown kraft paper.

It doesn't stop there, some Christmas cupcakes are to come - being lovingly baked by the fair hands of Cupcakes & Bakes (branded by us). Keep your eyes peeled for these, housed in chevron patterned cases and wrapped in branded blue ribbon (of course).