The reason behind the bustling atmosphere at the Lavender Bakehouse

Though we now live about 45 minutes from the Lavender Bakehouse in Chalford, we still make an effort to go. Not only to see my Auntie (who owns the coffee shop) but also for my man to get his fix of their banana cake and espresso. My regular order of chocolate beetroot cake or meringue that arrives on beautiful vintage cutlery also makes it well worth the visit.

Yes, I may sound biased as she is my Auntie, but knowing how hard she’s worked and how successful she’s been with it not only makes me burst with pride but glad that everyone enjoys it as much as I do. Coming from the background of working in the headquarters of Delice de France, and the owner of millions of cooking books  - she had a good starting point. But her towers of home-made cakes, in-keeping lavender chairs and friendly staff are what makes it so popular with locals and the like. 

Being based in the artistic setting of Stroud (and with artistic locals like Damien Hirst and Lily Allen), it seemed only right utilise the upstairs space for a gallery/gift shop. The gift shop is home to beautiful scarfs and bags by Shruti and the gallery makes use of its arched ceiling and exposed beams to showcase some stunning local artwork.

I feel that good cake is always worth travelling for. And you can tell from the bustling atmosphere that many others feel the same.

20 London Road, Chalford, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL6 8NW