From Cheltenham breakfast bites to top wine spots

I've lived in Cheltenham for nearly three years now, and yet I'm still discovering places to devour breakfast and find the perfect wine (more on both of these...). This is mostly down to the fact that Cheltenham is so good at opening new bars and restaurants for the foodies to get excited about.

Somewhere I've been most excited about is Baker & Graze, partly down to seeing my chum sampling their menu every Saturday via Instagram. After one failed attempt (too busy) and another nearly failed attempt (had to sit in the window seats for a bit), Wes and I got to try their avocado and poached eggs on home-baked sourdough bread. Followed by a sourdough doughnut that the chef bought out last minute (*hands in the air emoji*). I'm also pairing my breakfast with Frankie magazine to take it to the next level.

Other new/not-so-new places include The Clarence Social where I had a ladies lunch with Nic. We felt like treating ourselves (it was a Monday) so had cocktails served in BIG glasses with lots of flora/fruit/herbs and ice followed by King Prawn lunch to soak it up. 

For dessert - I've been on the search for the perfect brownie, The Coffee Dispensary do beautiful salted caramel brownies, and Bill's do the perfect warm brownie dessert (also with Nic, on the same day we had lunch at the Clarence fatties).

From breakfast to something a little stronger - The Grape Escape is a hidden gem. Living just down the road is also a bonus, especially as they're fast becoming the latest dog-friendly spot for locals.