Ola Barcelona!

I have to be honest, it's taken me a few days to recover from my weekend break to Barcelona (a sure sign that I'm getting old). But it was worth it for the sights, food and Sangria!

My lovely friend Megan organised the trip, whilst my job was to navigate us around (I feel like I may have got the better end of the deal). In all honesty, I had high hopes of bumping into Javier Bardem but when this didn't happen I distracted myself with the view of the Sagrada Familia.

Megan and I are on the same wavelength when we'd prefer to sit down with a pint of Sangria over sightseeing, but you really can't avoid it in this place. And Gaudi's work is amazing. Instagram was obviously there to capture every moment and hopefully I managed to take some photos that do it justice. The La Pederena showed some of Gaudi's inspiration for these projects like animal bones, pine cones and tree branches, which you really start to notice after a while. It personally reminded me of the fantastical buildings you see in Tim Burton films like 'Corpse Bride' - intentionally sque-wiff.

After the obligatory sightseeing we strolled the streets in the aim to find the perfect place to eat or drink. I'm really particular/obsessive about where I eat (Megan was very patient with me), with anything from 'food pictures' or the chairs putting me off. But I have the opinion that you don't get many meals when you're abroad and every one should be perfect - otherwise it's too late you can't go and have another meal! Ok well you can but you'll be short of a few euros. In all though, I think we ate at some pretty lovely places. Tapas and Paella being the top of the list for menu choices.

The bars were also pretty cool - and yes I'm pretty particular about this too. If the place is busy then it's usually a good sign though. We had cocktails, Sangria and icecream in courtyard cafes, retro Hawaiian bars and meat filled deli bars. The perfect end to a Barcelona-filled day. To see more pictures, follow @TheInkCloset on Instagram.