Berlin eats, sleeps and musical treats

To bring in another birthday with a bang, we ventured to Berlin to see Alt-J in concert. They were good. Particularly as they were in a converted warehouse-arena, which was the perfect setting for their light effects and music.

Berlin itself was interesting, if you look past the grey and the graffiti there are pockets of coolness. Like Dude's Delikatessen on the way to the arena, amazing burgers with (huge) gherkins served in double quick time. They were also big on nicely-branded bottles of Vodka/Gin/Rum...

Whilst we're on food, we also had breakfast at Silo Coffee which was nice (coffee-infused maple bacon!?) but expensive in a town that was often very reasonably priced.

Our apartment was a first step into the world of Airbnb, the apartment was beautiful (see it in full here). And was a great price for a whole apartment that had dachsund prints on the walls and a bed that was 'like sleeping on a cloud'.

Being in Berlin, the obvious choice was to visit the big landmarks and the Berlin wall memorial, personal stories covered every aspect and it made for a worthwhile (few) hours (I eventually 'hit a wall'). Definetly recommend doing this if you visit Berlin as you understand a lot of what the city's about. It's also useful if your companion is a history buff and can give you the full low-down on the walk there.

Overall it was a good trip. But with people walking the streets drinking and the lack of beauty as you walk around, I'm not sure if I'd recommend this as the top place for couples. I'm glad I did it though...walls an' all...