Pop up vintage finds in Cheltenham

Since moving to Cheltenham, I have indulged my vintage shopping habit more than usual (if I'm honest, it doesn't stop at vintage...). The main reason for this is the little market on Leckhampton roundabout, which I always happen to walk past.

In particular they usually have a pop-up shop on the left hand side and for the past few weeks it has been 'Sons of Ron'. After a few regular visits and jokes about loyalty cards, I got talking to the owner who explained that his brother and himself spent the year collecting quirky vintage furniture to sell it all at the pop-up shop and at the Suffolk Square market. The items they had in there tugged at my heart and purse strings every time I walked in. From floral tins to rocking chairs...Luckilly, some self restraint kicked in and I left with a crochet throw, two retro deck chairs and...a floral tin :-)

Part of settling in has been trying to get my office space up and running. It's hard to get in a 'creative space' sat at the kitchen table with a playful dachshund at my heels. So, for now, take a peek at my attempt at a slightly more inspirational spot in the study...