The arrival of our Greeting Card package

It has been a busy few weeks for The Ink Closet, but that is no excuse for not keeping the blog up to date. Especially when we've had the arrival of some pretty things! Amongst working full time I have also been working in the background on requests from friends/clients etc.

One exciting project has been a package of Greeting Cards. I can not credit myself completely with the idea though - one of my lovely friends said she had trouble finding cards that she loved to give to friends and family and wanted a set that she could use for any occasion. She asked if I did cards and if I could use my prints on the front (see, pretty much all her idea!). After smacking myself for not thinking of it first I happilly agreed and got to work on them. As well as doing some extra designs and tweaking them to make them more 'give-able', I designed some patterns to go on the left inside page - as this bit is often forgotten about and a good space for some extra beauty... A subtle message is also included in each to tie in with the front ('For you my deer...' - Floral Stag on the front).

I added a few extra to the order for myself and recieved them just in time for the weekend. To tie them together I added a branded wrap and a string bow.