Guest Blog - 'Homemade Weddings' by Charlotte Stafford

Guest writer, Charlotte Stafford, has kindly written a blog for us - with some great ideas on how to create that 'homemade wedding' feel. 

She's a lady that knows her stuff, being a freelance writer who loves exploring new ideas for interior design. She also has a love for textures, patterns and handmade items which can be incorporated into the home.


Homemade weddings

Getting married has never been something to do ‘on the cheap’, but with the cost of weddings becoming ridiculously high, more and more couples are deciding to go down the do-it-yourself route for their big day. Not only does this cut down on cost, it also makes for a more personalised day.

A homemade wedding reception
Just because the decorations are homemade, does not mean they have to look cheap. Rusticity and vintage are both big style trends this year, so the simpler and the more handmade the decorations look, the better. Bespoke invitations and handmade decorations will enable the bride and groom to stamp a little of their own personality onto their wedding day, rather than leaving it to an the venue to decide on the design theme.

In terms of themes, flowers are almost essential. With craftwork becoming a booming hobby, there is a chance for the bride and groom to create some stunning fabric or paper flowers to use as bouquets for the bridesmaids, to decorate the reception hall with, or even to use as centrepieces on the wedding breakfast tables. If craftwork is just a little beyond the couple’s talents, they can find a selection of real flowers, and keep the prices down by going for less expensive varieties, even incorporating some wildflowers. They may be a little less glamorous, but do have a rustic feel. For a really personal touch, the bride and groom could let their guests know about their relationship journey and how they arrived at the wedding day, with personalised table names marking important places in their lives, their first date or the proposal. This theme could be extended to display the table plans for the wedding breakfast and other signage.

DIY centrepieces
No wedding breakfast table is complete without the centrepiece, which is usually a floral arrangement. For a stunning, elegant look, use classy looking holders, like Dartington Glasswear and fill with whatever is in keeping with the overall theme. Other ways of displaying flowers or herbs could be in a small rectangular ceramic planter or a small rustic wooden box. Other items that could be used in place of a traditional vase are wire birdcages, sans birds of course, and filled with pretty greenery poking out between the bars. As an alternative to flowers, try placing a selection of various sized candles in the centre of the table, either standing on their own or in attractive glass or ceramic holders.