From Cheltenham lunch at Brew & Bake to London Bearded Beauties

Living and working in Cheltenham means the discovery of more good places to eat. Luckilly a new place called 'Brew and Bake' has just opened up down the Bath Road. Locally sourced ingredients contribute to some delicious salted beef bagels, gooey chocolate brownies and New York Deli sandwiches. All in what was, a cramped un-inspired space. Using industrial looking tables and chairs, retro light fightings and coffee-bean bag covered cushions they've transformed it into a space that locals and Lola like to visit.

Another good lunchtime spot, when I'm that end of town, are the Wholefoods salads. Packaged in cardboard tubs with copious amounts of toppings - you can make a healthy salad that looks beautiful. Cheap no. Colourfully healthy, yes.

Whilst my back has been giving me no end of jip, I have tried to squeeze in some dog walks. A pit-stop on our way back from Malmsbury the other day gave Lola the opportunity to jump in for a swim. The spot was lovely, with water, rolling green fields, woods... it made me briefly miss Cotswold living.

In contrast to this, we took a trip to London this weekend to visit some exhibitions and galleries. The beard exhibition at Somerset House by Mr Elbank was jam-packed of fellow bearded beauties. In aid of a good cause, the project started with the one pictured here - and continued with a range of different bearded men (and women!) driven to promote skin cancer awareness. This was followed by a vintage carboot at Southbank (with some beautiful old-school games) then the Tate Modern. After a few 'is it really art' jibes I stumbled across an engine covered in glitter. Sometimes you don't care. It just looks cool.