This girl can. Feminist branding at it's best.

This week I saw an ad that stopped me in my tracks. I say tracks, I was sat cuddled up on the sofa recovering from another 'winter-comfort' meal. But after seeing this advert and hearing that old 'Missy Elliot' track, I wished I was doing something more active. Go to the gym, go for a swim, join a zumba class...either way I felt inspired (which is the point of this whole she-bang I'm sure).

'This Girl Can' is an advert made up of real women, with real bodies, really working hard and really feeling the effects (sweat, tears, jiggle...) be it through a boxing class, playing football or running down the street. During a time where feminism seems 'fashionable', this is an advert that celebrates it rather than focusuing on someone moaning that women don't need to wear make-up, or that women don't get paid enough. It is an energetic breath of fresh air that reminds me of the uplifting 'Cancer Research' adverts. Focusing on the good with a slight nod to the bad.

After seeing the advert I did some research into what this is about. It isn't directly trying to sell us something. It's trying to encourage us. To better us. In their words...

'This Girl Can is a national campaign developed by Sport England and a wide range of partnership organisations. It's a celebration of active women up and down the country who are doing their thing no matter how well they do it, how they look or even how red their face gets.'

The website itself is also a thing of beauty, the logo is slick, sporty, un-fussy, not too girly... the branding is elegant with an edgy serif typeface, tints of purple, and imagery that portrays movement and realism. For a campaign that seems pretty selfless, they haven't scrimped on the good stuff. 

Take a look at to find out more.