Sweeeet ice-cream packaging design.

I came across this packaging for an ice cream shop called 'Stellina' based in New York. The girl in me loves the truly indulgent pink but also the typography that pays homage to the retro 'trailer cafes' from the mid 90's.

I really have a love for some retail design from over the pond. I don't know if I have an eye for it now but I keep seeing beautiful cafe fronts, cupcake packaging, restaurant interiors - usually based in San Francisco or New York.

A designer will usually be able to answer that indulgent question 'What would your dream project be?' with something. Whilst I'm sure a majority of answers would be big brands such as 'Nike', 'Coca Cola', 'Apple', mine would simply be - a cute cafe/cakeshop/icecream shop in need of a rebrand...