Scraggy puppy or perfect pooch?

Being a dog lover myself, I've noticed how people love to share photos and tell funny stories of their dog. So when somebody asked me to design a print for their friend, showcasing the character of 'Boo-Boo' the dog, I indeed, 'lapped it up'. I learnt many things about Boo-Boo/Boosy - that she loves rabbit chasing, tennis balls and barking at the TV. And all these character traits lent themselves quite well to a quirky typographic print.

Talking of dog's and 'scraggy puppies', I have recently acquired my own. Meet Lola below (dedicated prints to come soon I'm sure) and take a closer look at the 'Scraggy Puppy' print.

And don't worry if you have a perfect pooch or even a cuddly cat, you can still order this print. Click here to go to my instagram for even more Lola pictures (I'm convinced everyone will find her as beautiful and cute as me).