A weekend in the Gower filled with BBQs & waterfalls (come rain or shine)

This sunny/rainy bank holiday weekend was spent camping in the Gower, Wales. Often frequenting North Devon on the bank holiday, this felt like a good change. Our stay was spent at Nicholaston Farm - chosen because of it's location right on the dog-friendly beach between Oxwich and Three Cliffs Bay. 

With a boyfriend whose preference was to 'stay in a B&B', we drove down as speedily as we could to get the tent up before the rain started. Suffice to say, no rain came, and there were plenty of free spaces on our allocated field to create our 'camping village'. Friend's arrived, gazebos were erected and we started our first barbeque. 

The next morning began with an early start due to the fact Lola (whose preference would also be to stay in a B&B I'm sure), wanted to visit the beach. The sun was out and the sea was visible from the campsite so I didn't mind the early walk. The walk from the campsite is easy (and pretty lovely), taking you through woods and over sand dunes. Luckilly, the sun was out all day so we spent it on the beach playing cricket and Molke, eating spare ribs and lazing around our 'mini camping village'. This was followed by wine, beer and cheer on the campsite listening to my now pretty-battered radio.

Unfortunately the next day wasn't as bright (read - torrential rain for 24 hours) so we went to Mumbles for a walk along the old pier and some icecream at Joe's. 

I will skip over the bit where we had to order Indian takeaway as the pubs were full, the rain didn't stop and Lola spent most of her time cuddled up in Megan's blanket. On our way home we drove around the Brecon Beacons instead and made an impromptu visit to Melincourt waterfall (beautiful!) and to the Penderyn Whisky Distillery (beautifully branded). Both lovely stops. Then we found a welsh pub for a bit of lunch before heading home. We felt like we needed a holiday to get over this one but due to the company and sunny beach day had a blooming good time.