An Airbnb stay in Brighton with eats and treats

Considering the tales of quirky shops, pretty seaside and great places to eat - I still had not been to Brighton. And after some Airbnb searching my chums and I realised it was probably the perfect place to visit. 

Ah I love Airbnb finds - I'm fast becoming a lover of the homely accommodation and feeling 'part of the community' as apposed to a standard hotel. We found a stunning 3 bedroom house, just over twenty minutes walk away from the pier - the decor was beautiful and we arrived to find a hamper of wine and jam (only two of my favourite things). 

We explored the North Laines on Day 1, and loved it. It seemed like the eccentric, reasonably priced shops had escaped over-priced rents and being booted out in favour of the high street usuals. This area was also filled with cool sandwich and breakfast cafes, with people way cooler than me sat outside with their dachshunds and vintage gear. We were pretty hungry so stopped at 'Bread & Milk', a clean classic sandwich shop with Halloumi flatbreads and homemade cakes. We also grabbed a Glazed doughnut from another spot to go with a cuppa at home.

After some browsing we then headed towards the seafront to see the new 'Viewing Point'. We didn't venture up, though I'm sure the view would be pretty good on a nice day. The modern glass makeover of this part of the seafront didn't sit quite right though. The nicest bits being the picturesque wooden architecture which were slowly disappearing. Hopefully this isn't a sign of what's to come in the next few years, people don't want to go to a town to see the same shops, the same decor, the same people. We go somewhere different for exactly that.

Enough ranting. Food! Of which there was plenty. VIP Pizza was recommended to us by a friend. 'Pizza, how exciting can it be!'. Very is the answer. Before we managed to get a seat at this popular spot we had a few crazy cocktails at The Plotting Parlour round the corner - seated in vintage theatre seats we 'plotted' our food choices then headed to the cute little Italian restaurant where people were sat tightly together but didn't care because the atmosphere was brilliant. Italian foods hung from the walls and were crammed into shelves. And the pizza...! Huge folded dough sides and loads of toppings. 

The next day we recovered from fuzzy heads with a walk through The Pavilion, again another must see and breakfast at 'The Breakfast Club'. Good grub, sort of worth the wait if you can be bothered and aren't feeling too fragile.

Overall a great weekend, take a peek at my Instagram to see more.