First comes love…in the form of printed mini-poster invites

We recently had an order for our 'First comes love...' invitation, which provides the perfect opportunity to show it off. This invitation was printed on matte gesso paper, and folded into a leaflet-style invitation that leads to a full poster. 

The idea for this started when I saw a friend's beautiful Smeg fridge covered in wedding invites. It got me thinking how a poster (even A4 size) would have the perfect stand out held to the front of someone's fridge. After a bit of inspiration-searching I thought a little lead-in story would add even more interest, and so made the most of this space on the folded front and first reveal. A 'cut-off' RSVP flag also utilises the space on the poster - this way the mini-flags can be used on the day in whichever creative way the bride and groom see fit.

I love Peonies (love love Peonies) but I realise this may not be everyone's wedding flower of choice. So I introduced the option to change the flowers to your 'theme' flowers. The bride and groom in question chose Lavender, and even tweaked the colour of the bunting to are some Instagram snaps, with floral bunting props and matching nail varnish to boot...