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Quirky and creative ideas for a wedding reception

The first thing people forget when they’re planning their wedding, is that it doesn’t matter too much if it’s been done before, as long as you do it your own way. Everyone always has a spin on the original, as long as they have done it – or bits of it – themselves.

Every wedding can be sublime, as long as at least some elements are put together with the love and dedication that makes the marriage worthwhile in the first place.


Name cards show a personal touch

They don’t have to have just the guest’s name on there. For smaller weddings, a personal message to each person tucked inside the name card is just lovely. For larger ones, maybe just a handwritten message saying, ‘thanks for being here’ and a shot of glitter or a couple of paper hearts stuck on.


Wedding favours don’t have to be complicated

One of my friends made some lovely wedding favours for her day. She had hearts cut out in clear glass, with gold backing, so that the gold could be seen through the top. In the centre was a picture that related to each guest. She stole them off their Facebook accounts in most cases.

Even cute little ‘make-your-own’ pin badges can make lovely wedding favours; it really depends on how many guests are invited as to whether or not it’s do-able. 

Food lovers can cook up a few batches of delicious popcorn, get some stickers printed with an appropriate message and the names of the bride and groom, and tie up some cellophane bags with a ribbon.


Centrepieces and tables can change everything

It is those unique touches make your wedding reception stand out. From floating candles in glass vases, or beautiful little terrariums, to gold, bronze, and white pot planters with white plants, the possibilities are limited only by imagination.

Same for the tables. Why do what everyone does? Vintage tables with beautiful carved wooden feet; funky plastic tables in different colours (with the moulded plastic chairs to go with them); or glass topped tables for a dining experience that involves admiring everyone’s shoes; all of these are more than possible, and will give a wedding reception a look that is different from the norm. In fact, the glass dining table thing was what happened at my wedding and it made for a lot of conversation!


Guest books can be zany

Technology has given us so many exciting ways to record ‘the moment’; we can really go to town on the guest book idea now. My favourite right now is inexpensive but can really make your day memorable. Get a fabulous backdrop; use trees, some of that artificial grass, decorated with… bunting! Yes, I may be obsessed. Also leave a blackboard or dry wipe board with some chalk or pens nearby. The guests can write their own messages on the board, and stand to have their picture taken by a helpful usher with a smartphone. That way if someone writes something a bit dodgy, you don’t have to include it in the album at the end. 

Polaroids still have a place, too – the chance for everyone to do a selfie and stick it in the book with a message!