My favourite Instagramers to follow (by an Instagram addict)


Anyone will tell you (usually from first hand experience), I am an instagram addict. Be it embarassing my friend for trying to get that perfect shot of the light fitting in a bar or holding up a walk in the countryside with some landscape shots - I have embraced photography more than I ever expected.

It's not just the 'taking' of the photographs I have become obsessed with though. It's the 'following' of people all round the world. Beautiful photographs get me more than a random tweet ever could. So I thought I would share with you my top three Instagram people. In no particular order...


She's a fashion/interior/food blogger based in L.A. and introduced to me by my cousin (@jessiebale). She's one of those bloggers you read about in magazines that have it all. Fashionable, successful and beautiful. She travels around and takes some lovely shots that not only make me want to live in L.A. but live the Songofstyle lifestyle.


I've only started following her recently. She is based in Seattle, and takes the most beautiful photographs - thought going into the placement of everything. I like consistency and they are usually in the same style, a lot from a birds-eye-view of her desk so you can see 'what she sees'. Or of the flowers she fills her home with. A girl after my own heart...


I've probably followed this girl the longest. I discovered her when I was in the Blue Lagoon at the same time as her (hashtags do have a purpose!). She gives quite a personal insight to her decorative home. She's based in Canada and again her photographs use consistent filters. Her pet pugs are also very cute and usually photographed in a crochet throw or chilling out in the garden.

I hope you enjoy following these people as much as I do. What better way to get a real experience of someone's life across the globe but through Instagram? A few others worth mentioning are,
@sincerelyjules @woodwardpaperco @goldcoastgraphicdesign @ellebradford