An introduction to 'Design by Tic'


Things have been a little quiet on the blog front recently - mostly because I have been so busy outside of the online world...well, that's only kind of true.

In the background I have been buidling another website. Not to replace but as an extension of it. Over time I have realised has become very blog/wedding based and no longer the ideal place to showcase my brand and marketing work - which actually I spend a lot of my time doing! If I'm not working in-house at agencies I am usually doing my own client work, or wedding invitations. Of course will still be in full flow, doing what it does best - appealing to brides-to-be and sharing crafty ideas and snippets of my life on the blog.

It's a blooming busy time (apologies to family and friends who have unfortunately come second to this) but I'm really pleased to announce that the website will be ready to share with you at the beginning of May. For now, just a little peek at the design agency that shall be know as...'Design by Tic'. I look forward to sharing more, but until then follow @designbytic on twitter for the latest updates...