A poster sized floral love story invitation

There has been an exciting addition to the Wedding Invitations section of our website this week, in the form of an A4 fold out poster. Inspired by my favourite flowers, Peonies, I designed this invitation to suit a country-esqe, bunting filled wedding.

Peonies and roses were brought in to add feminine colour and vibrancy - but there is also the option to have a change of flower to suit the theme of the wedding.

The format of this invitation folds out gradually to reveal that old fashioned rhyme 'First comes love...then comes marriage...'  to the final reveal of all the wedding details that should take pride of place stuck up in a guest-to-be's home (they won't be able to forget the date!). 

The RSVP itself is a cut off flag that can be re-used as table places or kept as a memento by the bride and groom. All of the other details can be housed on the back neatly. To order your wedding poster invitation click here. Peonies not included...