Many moons ago in the seaside town of Clevedon

the-pier-historic-clevedon-pier-seaside-town-british copy copy.jpg

One place we visited on our mini moon that I felt deserved it's own post was the seaside town of Clevedon. Walking along the pier, visiting second-hand shops and popping into the 100 year old cinema meant we felt like we were stepping back in time. 

In true blogger style I discovered Clevedon via another blogpost (ta Bath Mag) - which led us to places like 'Murrays Deli' and 'Midgley Green' along with a few others.

We started the day with a visit to the pier (something I was excited about, especially as I'd heard One Direction had also graced the wooden boardwalk). There wasn't much at the end but the view was enough and the visitor centre had some artwork for sale where we purchased a few prints/cards. Lunch at Tiffin on the pier was sumin' else...maybe slightly too early for crab salad but it was really good. Wes had 'the best fish finger sandwich' he'd ever had (and he's had a few, I also liked that it was served up in newspaper wrapping.

Shopping wise, we ventured a street further to home decor/gift shop - Midgley Green where we bought some lovely bits. Across the road Sakers Stationery was designer heaven - filled with notepads, prints and pencils.

Even as we walked into Murrays Deli for dinner (make sure you book), I was told by a customer how good it was. Mostly italian dishes on the menu, I went for lamb meatballs covered in ricotta and tomato - I wish I remembered what 'the husband' had but I only hesitated long enough to take a photo of my own. Lovely spot for dinner followed by drinks at The Limehouse.

A house full of foliage & flora


The Bray wedding (more on this another time) has distracted me from writing about jollies, lots (and lots) of eating and in particular, new house additions. 

In the lead up to spring, I have gone a bit plant crazy - constantly upping the level of greenery so that if one plant dies it needs to be replaced instantly or the house looks empty (like when you take down the Christmas tree). Finding decent foliage was a job in itself, on a mission to find 'the cheese plant I'd always wanted', I found the Waitrose garden website. Plants that you can order online. Who knew. My very reasonably sized/reasonably priced cheese plant arrived for £24.99 (blooming bargainous). I don't think you can have too many plants - especially in the office space which Wes said 'looks like a bloomin' jungle'.

Another greenery addition was a Chinese Money plant from Midgely Green in Clevedon, one of our mini-moon stops (the lovely Clevedon definitely deserves it's own blog post). The man bought a truly stunning green book by Cereal from there too, showcasing the British Isles in all their beauty. This book definitely reminded me why some of our best jollies (Scotland, Clevedon etc.) were based here.

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