Putting a spring in my step with #cotswold adventures

It feels like the bad weather was ages ago, that it is infact, Spring - and Summer is just around the corner. Ok so I may be a little optimistic but it's hard not to get caught up in the fresh air, snowbells and blue skies. Lola feels the same as she dances around like a true Dachshund.

With good weather also comes better photographs (and better moods) - decent light makes a huge difference. During this burst of Instagram I also felt the need to share one of my regular cake photos - some delicious chocolate brownies courtesy of my very pregnant, and nesting, cousin. 

Whilst trawling through Instagram, I came across some photographs of a vintage fair only 10 minutes away (thanks to @wychwoodcuckoo). So I popped in the car and bought some old fashioned bargains - vintage necklaces being my favourite purchase. The man and I then took a visit to The Coffee House in Stow (inspired by another Instagram user) where they have three floors of seemingly hidden, vintage filled rooms. It's amazing where a bit of #cotswolds can get you...