A house full of foliage & flora


The Bray wedding (more on this another time) has distracted me from writing about jollies, lots (and lots) of eating and in particular, new house additions. 

In the lead up to spring, I have gone a bit plant crazy - constantly upping the level of greenery so that if one plant dies it needs to be replaced instantly or the house looks empty (like when you take down the Christmas tree). Finding decent foliage was a job in itself, on a mission to find 'the cheese plant I'd always wanted', I found the Waitrose garden website. Plants that you can order online. Who knew. My very reasonably sized/reasonably priced cheese plant arrived for £24.99 (blooming bargainous). I don't think you can have too many plants - especially in the office space which Wes said 'looks like a bloomin' jungle'.

Another greenery addition was a Chinese Money plant from Midgely Green in Clevedon, one of our mini-moon stops (the lovely Clevedon definitely deserves it's own blog post). The man bought a truly stunning green book by Cereal from there too, showcasing the British Isles in all their beauty. This book definitely reminded me why some of our best jollies (Scotland, Clevedon etc.) were based here.

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