Cheese Rolling & the Devil's Chimney - Sunday suggestions

Sunday has become 'dog walking day', as after a weekend of friviolities some exercise and Lola-dedication is usually needed. 

We've been exploring Cooper's Hill, home to the cheese-rollers, which was the perfect opportunity for a steep walk (us) and some mole-hill investigation (Lola). Another good spot is Leckhampton Hill, home to the Devil's Chimney and many cliff edges that make throwing a ball around difficult ('Don't do it Lola!'). 

Some home-made Mackerel salad (courtesy of the man) is a good energy booster for days like this. We're still in search of the perfect Cheltenham based breakfast (excluding our home-cooked feasts of course) - suggestions welcome.

Christmas walks & crackling fires


As usual, Christmas has come and gone far too quickly. Our Christmas was eventful, travelling back and forth to visit family - but for one reason or another we got a bit more time at home this year. This meant more brisk dog walks (including a couple on the beach on Christmas Day before we headed home), and even more fires to warm us up afterwards. 

If you saw my blog about Christmas bunting you'll know how I intended to wrap my presents this year, and of course the lot was finished on no other than Christmas Eve. One of my presents was an Instagram poloroid print for my man. After designing a poster using lyrics from 'our song' and some sneaky investigation work to get his Instagram password, I could get some polaroids printed and stick them on accordingly. 

Feeling in the festive spirit I also made some chocolate brownies with icing sugar stars to decorate. It had been a while since I'd dusted off the baking kit, and hopefully (though I can never be sure with my baking) it went down well at the agency I was working at that day. Recipe here...

Next week I shall be heading off to Edinburgh for New Years Eve, a blog with pictures to follow...!