Renovating our 1930s house with a bit of retro


Since becoming home owners at the end of last year we’ve been all consumed by doing up the house. My phone has been taken over by renovation Instagram accounts, home decor on Pinterest, Checkatrade and of homeware websites (keep scrolling for a list of these).

To get the house we wanted we had to move out of the ‘nam. Which was the first compromise, the second was buying a house where I’d want to decorate every room - which at first seemed daunting but then I remembered I was an absolute PRO at The Sims. How hard could it be? Thanks to Google (and our parents), we have learnt to skim/strip/prime/paint/repoint - along with getting a few tradesmen in to sort out the old school ceilings and fireplaces.

I never thought we’d be keen DIY-ers, but it’s been the opposite. Have loved doing it together (*vom emoji*), from spending 3 days of the xmas hols painting an entire hallway to the creative bit of deciding which lampshade to get (why is a good lampshade so hard to find…).

Here are a few pictures of the finished results (‘before’ pics at the end). Along with some of my favourite Instagram accounts and the sites I usually trawl to buy stuff without having to pillage the money tree too often.

An inspirational wedding shoot in the Cotswolds


I recently got asked to take part in a vintage-inspired wedding shoot. A collection of people based in the Cotswolds and working in the wedding industry, came together with their different skill sets to work on the photoshoot at Old Down Manor. The photographer Stefanie Trower and the florist Stephanie Saunders to name a few. My contribution was, of course to bring along some of my vintage-inspired wedding stationery. It was great to get to know some fellow wedding suppliers, and I love the results! Hopefully you will too, see below some of my favourite shots...