Let's run away to the Giffords circus, buy jam and eat pie

You're never too old to go to the circus, as me and my friends discovered. Especially if you tie it in with lunch.

I recently saw the vintage inspired Giffords circus tents on one of my commutes from Cirencester, surrounded by wooden branded trailers and retro sign posts. After a bit of investigation I decided I had to go, and saw that it's last stop was in Stroud. After some excited persuasion, two of my friends agreed to the trip and we decided to stop on the way to eat lunch at a favourite Stroud eatery, The Lavender Bakehouse. I may be slightly biased as I often do brand and marketing for them through designbytic.com and during our visit was pleased to see some of our jar packaging and leaflets. But biased feelings aside, booking a table is recommended as it's often busy. WIth items like poached eggs with spiced butter, spinach and yoghurt on toast (a Turkish inspiration) and chocolate beetroot cake for afters - you can see why.

Giffords Circus was a great treat, after initially feeling that we may be too old for the humour, or have an obligatory child in tow - we relaxed and laughed along with the five year olds (they laughed a lot). The music was brilliant, jazzy, silly and perfectly timed. With humour and conversation not disimilar to The Minions - the ringmaster, clown Tweedy and acrobats left us in giddy admiration. The weather was also pretty good which made it a bit hot and sticky in the tent - but still a pretty good way to spend the last moments of Summer. 

I've since thrown myself into the weather change with some pie-making and ale drinking. Sort of. The ale drinking was at the new bar/pub/restaurant - The Wild Beer Co in Cheltenham. Where we were persuaded by the idea of an ale/champagne concuction...Goodbye Summer, hello Winter. 

The Lavender Bakehouse, Chalford, Stroud

Turkey and Leek Pie, my abode