How to make Paper Pom Poms in 10 easy steps!

As promised, here are the 10 easy steps to making your own paper pom poms! To those who think 10 sounds a lot, I've just gone into as much depth as possible for what is (I promise) a really easy task.

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Tissue paper and scissors at the ready....

Step 1. You need scissors, a stapler and a few large pieces of tissue paper. Your choice of colour...!

Step 2. Fold over a large piece of tissue paper, about A1 size is ideal.

Step 3. Fold over again, so two folds in total (if you want your pom pom to be thicker and smaller fold over one more time)

Step 4. Cut each fold.

Step 5. You should now have at least four separate pieces of paper...

Step 6. Put all these pieces of paper together and start doing an accordion fold all the way till the end.

Step 7. When you have done your accordion fold to the end, fold over the final piece and staple it down.

Step 8. Round the two corners off using the scissors.

Step 9. Your paper pom pom should now look like this when you fan out each end...


Step 10. Pull out each bit of paper (gently or it will tear) and puff it out. Do both ends making sure to puff out the pieces towards the middle.

The final result, should look something like this...! Remember to upload any instagram pics with #mypaperpompoms