Gloucester Brewery's 'Tank', the perfect choice for Beer/Cheese lovers

An impromptu 'jolly' to Gloucester Docks gave the perfect opportunity to visit Tank, the new offering from the Gloucester Brewery. This is an experience for ale lovers to taste a variety of beers in 1/3 pint sizes, delivered in a mini wooden crate. 

Whilst we sat outside to make the most of the sunshine in what is a very nice spot, ordering at the bar meant I could take in the industrial decor (oh I love a bit of 'industrial' decor...). Hanging light bulbs, exposed brickwork and rough wood inside meant it's appealing night or day. 

Feeling a bit peckish, we ordered the 'Five Meats' and 'Five Cheese' Charcuterie boards. £8 for each board seemed quite good, especially as you could choose from a nice variety of options. The 'choosing' didn't stop there, with our five 1/3 beers for £6. This also seemed quite reasonable and the menu made it easy with recommendations with what ales suited your food choices. 

And of course, the branding - spot on. The circular logo looked pretty great on the windows, though I'm unsure of the random blue signage. The dark decor and the primarily black website works better to showcase the white logo and strong 'TANK' typeface. They haven't scrimped on the important pieces like the wooden menu holders either, which work perfectly alongside the mini wooden crates.

All in all, a tasty attribute to the ever-growing Gloucester Docks.