Let our Gloucestershire agency help you design your wedding invitations and stationery

The Consultation
Planning your wedding stationery should be an exciting, fun and personal process. We aim to keep it this way with a simple consulation via email, skype or over the phone.

Got something in mind?
Nine times out of ten, couples have a rough idea of what they're after. Even if it's just a colour or an image for inspiration - we can do as much or as little of the thinking as you like.

During the consultation we encourage you to send over any inspiration, ideas, samples, images, knick knacks or anything else that will help us understand your vision.

If you have no idea (it happens), why not take a long at our wedding invitation templates? You may see something you like or get a burst of inspiration... 

Moving forward
There is no pressure to commit after your consultation. Have a think.

Once you decide to move forward with The Ink Closet we’ll ask you to send over the information you’d like to appear on your invitation.

The Design
When you have confirmed and sent over the information you require on your invites, we will email over the first concept within a week. 

We can do three options to choose from, or just one! Your preference will be decided during the consultation.

Making your choice
You can choose any of the design options as it exists or combine elements from both.

Add, subtract, flip-flop, swap, change color, font…we look at the first round as a narrowing down, not set in stone, so be as thorough as necessary and don’t hold back during the initial critique. We want you to have invitations you love! 

Based on your comments we’ll design a final proof. Delivery of the final proof marks the end of the design phase. 

Any changes beyond the first round will be charged at £15 per hour. If any of the mistakes are made on our behalf (it's rare but we're only human) we will of course do these free of charge.

The Ink Closet is not responsible for text errors made to any printed piece. We paste all text provided by you straight into the designs and we spellcheck all documents, however with all of the proper names and places that appear on invitations spellcheck does not pick up half of the information. Therefore the ultimate task of proofreading is yours. Get as many eyes as possible on the design before you say 'PRINT!'. 

We will invoice you for the production cost based on your chosen design. Once this payment has been recieved and you say 'PRINT!" we will send it into production.

Production time should take about 2 weeks from this point, and sometimes earlier. But we recommend beginning your work with The Ink Closet at least 2 months prior to your desired mailing date. 

Because our invitations and related products are created with each new client in mind - each quote is different. We charge honestly based on the time it will take us - no more and no less.

Sound good? Get in touch!